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Social Media – In our connected world, the leveraging of social media is key to our achieving the HBSWANY mission “to provide a community for alumnae and to educate alumnae and the broader community about women in leadership.”

Connecting via social media is available 24x7 to build our community…by using social media appropriately, we can add substantial value to our current practices of meeting up at events, posting on our website and sending emails and the newsletter.

Lisa Goldman as our VP of Marketing and Membership held a committee meeting last week. Discussing social media was a substantial portion of the session. We are fortunate to have “owners” of our HBSWANY venues:
  • Eliza Silvester was a forward thinker in creating the HBS Women’s Association of NY LinkedIn Group and will be the primary manager going forward.
  • Janet Stark will be gathering the data for our Newsletter on the HBSWANY website.
  • Recently, we created the HBSWANY Twitter presence.
  • And we have a Facebook page, thanks to Amy Vecchione.
  • No Instagram yet…but coming soon!
We need more voices on each of these social media outlets so will you…

...participate on the Marketing and Membership Team?
…manage the Facebook presence?
…draft the “rules of engagement” for promoting our members’ businesses and other ventures?
…join the Linked Group and participate in discussions?
…follow HBSWANY on Facebook and Twitter, as well as post items of interest?

Take advantage of your HBSWANY membership by becoming an active contributor and benefactor of the community of HBS alumnae. First step…click the icons below and follow us. Next…let Lisa Goldman know if you have an interest to participate in a leadership role.


Kathy Murray
President, HBS Women's Association of Greater New York

Make sure to follow HBSWANY on Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter!

Take advantage of the largest HBS alumnae network in the world! The HBSWANY provides opportunities to develop contacts, mentors,and friends among HBS graduates in the Greater New York area. We hope you'll join the club today!

Upcoming Events...
Tuesday, 9/30/14 at 6:30pm - 8:30pm ...8 days away!
HBSWANY is invited to join HBSCNY as their guests to hear JuE Wong, the CEO of StriVectin, a specialty cosmetics company, discuss the company's growth strategies & her transition from a Wall Street bond trader to running a company.
Wednesday, 10/1/14 at 9:00am - 5:30pm ...9 days away!
HBS Women's Association of Greater New York is invited to the 2014 iRelaunch Return to Work Conference!
Wednesday, 10/1/14 at 6:30pm - 8:30pm ...9 days away!
Please join HBSWANY for a wine tasting and private viewing with Ann Moore.
Wednesday, 10/8/14 at 7:00pm - 9:00pm
The New York Public Library (NYPL) has extended an invitation to this Conservator event as their guests. HBSWANY members only. Pre-registration required.
Tuesday, 11/18/14 at 6:30pm
Please join HBSWANY and Dr. Dana Ardi, author of THE FALL OF THE ALPHAS: The New Beta Way To Connect, Collaborate, Influence – And Lead.
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Recent Events...
Women in Leadership: Networks, Sponsors, and Friends
09/17/14 at 12:15pm
A Touch of Harvard through Literature: The End of Innocence
09/9/14 at 7:00pm
The Business of Beauty with Birchbox
08/20/14 at 8:00pm
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